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We offer the highest quality building envelope solutions.

Spirit Sales Group represents some of the industry's top building envelope products and solutions. Learn more about the various companies we proudly represent.

PROSOCO is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete; making building envelopes air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new and existing masonry buildings. We strive to provide innovative products and services that improve the appearance and performance of our built environment.


Since its founding in 1939, the company has excelled at the innovation and development of superior products and services for the construction industry.

CETCO has been developing sustainable solutions for building, drilling, and environmental applications for over 25 years. We provide products and expertise for the world’s growing infrastructure needs. CETCO has strategically positioned our people, manufacturing and research facilities to ensure that we exceed the needs of our clients.

SILPRO is a leader in flooring preparation and concrete/masonry repair products. SILPRO offers consistently high quality products and unsurpassed industry knowledge, service and technical assistance, creating complete solutions that improve service life and reduce cost.


All SILPRO's products are based on their intimate understanding and appreciation of the issues, problems, and concerns faced by the floor prep and concrete/masonry repair industries. 

Armatherm TIM (thermal insulation material) FRR material provides a combination of low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength and has been used in hundreds of structural steel framing connections transferring load in moment and shear conditions. The material is made of a reinforced, thermoset resin which is fire resistant, does not readily burn and has very limited creep under load, making it the ideal material for use in structural steel and facade thermal break connections.

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