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Being an architect comes with great expectations.

Maybe it’s an owner who expects a code-compliant design that’s creative but will also help save on future energy costs. Or a contractor who expects an easy-to-follow scope that includes a specification of high quality products. No matter who is looking at your plan, they expect your expertise.


And for the building envelope solution, there’s no better partner for expert guidance than Spirit Sales Group.







Sharing Expertise of the Building Envelope

We provide expert guidance to all specifiers on every aspect of the building envelope including roofing, air barriers, waterproofing, exterior skin/cladding and insulation.


In this ever-evolving environment, our duty to our architectural clients is to share knowledge of the building envelope through conversations. We maintain a continual dialogue throughout the design and building process, and we’re also proponents of ongoing education.

Interested in learning more about an aspect of the building envelope? Contact us to request a Lunch and Learn.

Collaborating Throughout the Design Process

As our architectural client, we help you design plans and specs that meet your needs. We find it ideal to be involved with you from the beginning of the design process.


Conversations are focused on compatibility with other components and products, critical details in which one trade ties into another’s work, and a thorough review of building code requirements. By reviewing your plans before they’re released, we can ensure contractors get clear, non-conflicting information.

We educate our architects on the building envelope by sharing resources, such as this video from Prosoco.

Building a Long-Term Partnership

Not only do we consult you on the building envelope, we also represent some of the top building envelope products in the industry. Ultimately, our goal is to build a long-term partnership with you.



Ready to have a conversation? Contact us.

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